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Habersham Funding, LLC ("Habersham Funding") is the authority in the life settlement market. With powerful experience in the life settlement industry and as life insurance agents, the principals at Habersham Funding have the know-how to transact the most complex and challenging life settlement transactions. Through solid relationships with multiple leading financing entities, Habersham Funding provides a comprehensive selection of settlements.

Habersham Funding is the life settlement provider of choice for life insurance agents, brokers, attorneys, financial advisors and policyholders in the know. They understand that Habersham Funding has the experience they seek, and the financial capability to buy the widest variety of life insurance policies – including term, whole, universal, variable, group, joint survivorship, and corporate and trust-owned.

Habersham Funding is respected internationally, and its principals have consulted with and assisted financial and reinsurance companies in the United States, Canada, much of Europe including Great Britain, Spain, Germany, and Italy, Asia, Bermuda, and the Channel Islands. Learn more about our history and what makes Habersham Funding unique.

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Habersham Funding is a member of , the Life Insurance Settlement Association.