Habersham :: Key Differentiators

International Authority – Habersham Funding, LLC's ("Habersham Funding") President M. Bryan Freeman is widely recognized as an expert on life settlement authority in the U.S. and abroad.1 Bryan has consulted with and assisted financial and reinsurance companies in Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Asia, Bermuda, and the Channel Islands.

Legislative and Regulatory Expertise – Company executives have worked with various state legislators on key industry issues. Habersham Funding’s president is a frequent consultant to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and the National Conference of Insurance Legislators. Bryan has helped veterans gain the right to transact settlements, and has helped clear the way for tax-free treatment for some settlements. The management team of Habersham Funding has lobbied for and helped author numerous states’ legislation on viatical and life settlements.

Extensive Experience – The life settlement experience of the founder of Habersham Funding began in Georgia in 1989. This year, Habersham Funding is expected to review life insurance policies with a face value of approximately $18 billion. With the ability to buy life insurance policies in most states and with the resources of large financial institutions behind it, Habersham Funding is able to purchase a wide array of policies including term, whole, universal, variable, group, joint-survivorship, corporate-owned, key-person and trust-owned.

Able to Handle Complexity – Habersham Funding’s in-depth knowledge of life insurance and life settlements has resulted in an elevated ability to understand and execute even the most complex life settlement cases, including multi-level trusts and complex ownership structure. Brokers, agents and advisors often turn to Habersham Funding to resolve difficult life settlement cases.

Cutting Edge Technology & Systems – The company’s heavy investment in technology means it has a strong financial and operational advantage over its peers. Habersham Funding has streamlined policy processing with proprietary enterprise management software. In addition, premium calculation software helps Habersham Funding more accurately estimate premium cost over the anticipated holding period and enhances our ability to execute faster offers.

Steady Referral Stream – Habersham Funding has long-standing relationships with leading agents, brokers and advisors. They know that Habersham Funding is a fair and honest provider that takes its commitments seriously. Habersham Funding will take this commitment to its clients one step further with the upcoming launch of a catalog of communications materials designed to help professionals talk with their policyholders about life settlements.

Anti-Fraud and Compliance Systems – Principals with Habersham Funding have helped draft many states' compliance regulations for viatical and life settlements. Habersham Funding has a corporate culture of total regulatory compliance, including a thorough anti-fraud process that every policy purchased by Habersham Funding must satisfy.

1 Georgia General Assembly Senate Resolution 1250 and House Resolution 1649 2006.