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Perspective that only experience can bring

Habersham Funding, LLC ("Habersham Funding") was established as a life settlement provider in Georgia in 2001, though the firm’s experience with life settlements began more than a decade earlier. In 1989 company founder M. Bryan Freeman completed his first life settlement in Georgia. At the time, Freeman was a successful life insurance agent, but he rapidly transformed his agency into a nationally prominent life settlement company.

This history – first as a life insurance agent and next as a life settlement broker – led to one of Habersham Funding’s greatest strengths: It’s deep working knowledge of the life insurance and life settlement industries. This background contributed to one of Habersham Funding’s early strategic decisions – to focus on institutional funders. This decision not to raise money from individual investors would ultimately become a prophetic one, as other companies in the life settlement market were closed or their executives held accountable for problems resulting from money raised directly from individual investors.

While other life settlement companies were started, Freeman and his team stayed alert to the changing dynamics affecting the industry. When the time was right, they launched Habersham Funding. Today, Habersham Funding is an "old timer" in the industry and is building upon the 16 years of experience of its founder and president.

Habersham Funding is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Habersham Funding is licensed or otherwise permitted to purchase viatical and life settlements in most states. Click here to see where Habersham Funding can purchase policies.

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