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We can buy where you are

Habersham Funding, LLC ("Habersham Funding") can purchase policies throughout the United States and has nationwide relationships with life insurance producers, brokers, financial advisors, attorneys and others.

Regulation of the secondary market for life insurance varies from state to state. The three basic models used by the states are:

  • To regulate all transactions in which a life policy is settled at a discount;
  • To only regulate settlement transactions when the insured is terminally ill;
  • No regulation at all.

Habersham Funding follows strict guidelines of only purchasing policies where the company is licensed or otherwise permitted to do business. In some states, Habersham Funding may purchase policies only from individuals who are not terminally or catastrophically ill (usually defined as having less than twenty-four months to live), and in other states Habersham Funding can buy policies from policy owners without restrictions related to the health of the insured under the policy.

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