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A distinctive name for a distinctive company

When Bryan Freeman, founder and president of Habersham Funding, LLC ("Habersham Funding"), was searching for a name for his life settlement company, he knew he wanted a name that people would remember. He assessed the names of competing companies and was struck by how many of them sounded the same. "Most of the names had either ‘settlement’ or ‘life’ in them and I wanted something different," Freeman remembers.

The name he chose was right under his nose, or rather, under his feet. Habersham was the name of an Atlanta street Freeman admired – and which he felt typified all that is great about his native state. Habersham is certainly distinctive. For many, the word "Habersham" conveys an old-world tradition of respectability. For some, the word conjures images of tree-lined roads and manor home vistas. We believe that you will come to associate Habersham Funding with the finest in life settlements.