Atlantan re-elected to head industry association

M. Bryan Freeman will lead the VLSAA

Atlanta, GA (June 13, 2005) – M. Bryan Freeman, president of Habersham Funding, LLC, an Atlanta-based life settlement provider, has been re-elected for an unprecedented fourth term as president of the board of the Viatical & Life Settlement Association of America (VLSAA), the industry’s premier trade group, at a June 6 meeting in Atlanta.

Freeman, a longtime life settlement industry leader, has been a licensed life insurance agent for 27 years, and has worked in the life settlement industry since 1989.

“Bryan’s re-election to a fourth term is a resounding vote of confidence for the strong leadership he has brought to the VLSAA,” says Doug Head, executive director of the VLSAA. “Previously, we’ve only had a repeat president serve two terms.”

“Our membership has more than doubled in size in the past year, and now stands at nearly 80 members,” Head says. “Bryan’s industry expertise and coalition-building abilities are in large part responsible for that growth. Under Bryan’s leadership we’ve been able to attract an entirely new caliber of member, including some of Wall Street’s largest investment banks.”

Habersham Funding provides the funds for life settlements, which enable seniors who no longer want or need their life insurance to receive an advance cash payment for their policy. While a settlement may be available for people of any age who are seriously ill, Freeman says the majority of Habersham’s business comes in the form of high-net-worth seniors who seek settlement solutions as a means of financial and estate planning.

Habersham, established in 2001, leads the industry in focusing on high-net-worth transactions with seniors who are not terminally ill – also called life settlements. The company has quickly grown to be one of the most technology-driven providers in the life settlement industry. And, long-standing relationships with a selection of leading financial entities provide Habersham the flexibility to offer an array of settlement options.

Freeman was an early advocate for responsible regulation of the industry. Habersham is a leader in licensing and regulatory issues, and complies fully with all life settlement regulation.

For more information about Habersham Funding, please visit the organization’s web site,, or call 404-233-8275.



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  • To speak with M. Bryan Freeman, please contact his information officer, Drew Plant, at 404-634-7102 or
  • For further information about the VLSAA, please visit, or contact Doug Head at 407-894-3797 or
  • M. Bryan Freeman established Habersham Funding LLC in 2001. He and his staff have been actively involved in the development of responsible regulation and legislation of the life settlement industry since its inception. His activism helped federal employees and veterans gain the right to transact settlements and cleared the way for tax-free treatment for some settlements. Bryan has testified before a financial services committee of the U.S. Congress on industry-related issues, state legislative committees and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on numerous occasions. His expertise in the life settlement industry is recognized nationally. In his more than 15 years in the life settlement industry, Bryan has been involved in the purchase and sale of life insurance policies with a total face value exceeding $500,000,000, making him an undisputed leader in the industry. He is a graduate of the Darlington School in Rome, GA, and attended the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech).
  • The VLSAA is an Orlando, FL-based non-profit trade association founded in 1994 to serve as a national resource center, providing information about viatical and life settlements. The VLSAA, which currently has 78 member companies, is the industry’s largest and oldest trade and professional organization.