National firm brings life settlement option to Mississippi

Industry veteran introduces Habersham Funding to the Magnolia State

Atlanta, February 15, 2005 – Habersham Funding LLC is now licensed in Mississippi as a viatical and life settlement provider. Habersham, founded in 2001 by settlement industry pioneer M. Bryan Freeman, is an Atlanta-based firm that does business nationally.

Habersham provides the funds for life settlements, which enable seniors who no longer want or need their life insurance to receive an advance cash payment for their policy. Though the same option may be available for people of any age who are seriously ill, Freeman says the majority of Habersham’s business comes from seniors who seek settlement solutions as a means of financial and estate planning.

"Having a secondary market for life insurance policies gives the policies liquidity similar to more familiar tradable commodities, like residential mortgages and stocks," he says. "And with the senior population growing rapidly, this means we have an opportunity to work with them and their advisors in the tradable senior life policies market, currently worth billions of dollars – and growing."

"The secondary market for life insurance has undergone a rapid evolution in the last 15 years," Freeman says. "This industry began as a niche service for people who faced serious illness. Today, the industry has come into its own; life settlements are now being embraced by attorneys, accountants and financial planners for everyone from people of modest means to high-net-worth individuals."

"We want Mississippi residents to consider how the viatical and life settlement option can help them make changes to their portfolio…when a change involving life insurance may be in order," Freeman says.

M. Bryan Freeman has been a licensed insurance agent for 26 years and has helped people sell their life insurance for cash settlements for more than 15 years. He is in his third term as president of the Viatical & Life Settlement Association of America, the industry’s oldest and largest trade organization. Freeman has long been involved in the development of responsible legislation and regulation for the secondary market for life insurance.

Habersham Funding LLC can be contacted via its web site,, via e-mail,, or by phone, 888-874-2402.

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In addition to its licensure in Mississippi, Habersham Funding is licensed as a settlement provider in Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. The company also conducts business in states in which no license is required to undertake viatical and life settlements.

Electronic and hard-copy photos of Mr. Freeman are available, as are the Habersham Funding LLC logo, and the logo of the VLSAA.

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