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Settlement expertise that speaks for itself

Habersham Funding, LLC ("Habersham Funding") has assembled one of the best equipped executive teams in the industry. One of Habersham Funding’s key strengths is its rich experience in life insurance, life settlements, marketing and the law drawn from the successful careers of its management team. This in-depth working knowledge of life insurance and life settlements contributes to Habersham Funding’s ability to execute even the most challenging of transactions, for example those involving multi-level trusts with a complex ownership structure. Habersham Funding is often called upon to sort-out settlement details that other firms cannot or will not.

In addition to its wealth of knowledge, you will find Habersham Funding's officers and employees behaving with openness and integrity. The executive and management teams continually voice their commitment "to do the right thing." They clearly view the business of life settlements as a life calling that should ultimately suit the policyholder and all others involved in the transaction.

Read the biographies of our senior executives:

M. Bryan Freeman, President
Steven H. Applegate, Vice President, Policy Acquisitions